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As you know more the lure is realistic, the more fish you will catch.
The swimbaits have the particularity of reproducing a very realistic swim as if they were real fish.
This is why many fish do not hesitate to attack them. With these 3 segments the Swim Jack masquerades as a real fish, so you will have no trouble making many takes with this lure.

3 segments for 3 times more fun ! The Swim Jack is particularly efficient because of his swimming capacity and it will attract some really nice fish.    

Description :

Model : Swim Jack
Category : Hard lure
Type : Swimbait 3 segments
Length : 105 mm / 4.13 in.
Weight : 15 gr / 0.53 oz.
Hook : 2 hooks
Color : Multi / 13 colors available
Action : Swimming / Wobbling
Material : ABS plastic
Quantity : 1


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