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Looking for a topwater lure ?? Look no further, the WALTER Spintail is the best topwater lure you can find.

The reason why the WALTER Spintail is indisputably the most attractive lure on the market is thanks to his production of the low frequency waves. This unique sound invites all predators nearby to the meal. 

 It operates at speeds from crawl so super slow you can't hear the tail.
 Only the tiny weight that sizzle inside as the head shakes back and forth with each rotation of the tail. 




 The speed that the tail rotates also determines the frequency of the plopping noise - a slow retrieve creates a lower frequency sound and a fast retrieve creates a higher frequency sound. As the speed picks up, it produces a sound and splash similar to a bird's feet running across the surface before it gains flight. 

 The tail is perfectly turned out of the box, is flexible and stay perfectly turned forever. 

 The abdomen sections are semi solid structure filled with the lead weight. It controls the center of gravity of the fishing lure and makes a low frequency sound. 

Description :

Category : Hard lure
Type : Topwater lure
Length : 90 mm - 110 mm - 130 mm / 3.55 in. - 4.33 in. - 5.12 in.
Weight : 13 gr - 19 gr - 38 gr / 0.46 oz. - 0.67 oz. - 1.34 oz.
Hook : 2 black treble hooks
Color : 8 colors available
Action : Floating
Diving depth : Topwater
Eyes : 3D holographic fish eyes
Material : ABS plastic and flexible soft plastic tail
Quantity : 1



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